Dr. Jennifer Knapp is a board-certified adult psychiatrist that brings a holistic approach to treatment with interactive and solution-focused care that includes medications, psychotherapy, alternative modalities, genetic testing, and consideration of underlying medical diseases. She specializes in complicated mood and anxiety disorders, women's health, and geriatric neuropsychiatric conditions.

Services offered:

• Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
• Second-opinion consultation
• Ongoing medication management of most psychiatric disorders
• Solution-focused psychotherapy for individuals and couples


Payment is due at the time of service.  The therapists at Reflections Counseling accept most insurance plans. However, Dr. Knapp does NOT accept insurance and has opted out of Medicare and Medicaid.  For patients with commercial insurance, a superbill can be provided for personal use towards out-of-network benefits/ deductible.  

Initial appointment/evaluation Consultation • Second opinion

$375 (90 minutes)

Followup Appointments (Medication Management & Psychotherapy)

$175 (45 minutes)

ADDITIONAL POLICY: Appointment Missed or Canceled without 12 hours notice results in full appointment fee.  

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Dr. Knapp firmly believes that ideal management of certain conditions require a larger healthcare system and availability of multiple providers from various disciplines, including crisis services. Dr. Knapp is not accepting patients who have challenges that involve, require or include:

  • Emergency care, or in-hospital care
  • Significant use of alcohol, marijuana, painkillers, or other drugs
  • Court-ordered treatment
  • Pedophilia
  • Eating disorders


Reflections Counseling, Inc.


Wisdom comes from reflection...

This counseling office was established to offer only the highest quality of therapeutic services to the Michiana area.  We have a commitment to provide individuals with knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical clinical treatment and service. Our providers have extensive training and experience, giving us the capacity to treat a wide array of mental health issues among patients ranging from early childhood and adolescence to adult and geriatric.

Reflections Counseling provides individual, couples, and family therapy. Our clinicians also provide specialized services such as psychological testing, addictions counseling, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), art therapy, supervision, and other special services.